Author: Martin Söderberg

Safe Para Sport – new web platform for Para Sport

Health & Sports Technology has been involved with the new web platform Safe Para Sports. Students at BTH have made a protype and Wireless Independent Provider WIP AB has finsihed the platform.

The Safe Para Sports aims to improve knowledge about athlete health in Para sport has now been launched. The web platform is open for all athletes, coaches, and others interested in Para sport.

The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council of Sports Science (CIF), Folksam, Promobilia, Norrbacka Eugenia stiftelsen, Lund University and the Swedish Paralympic Committee.

To go to the web platform Safeparasport

Our Partner in Swedish Network for Sports Tech and Analytics – Chalmers Sports and Technology celebrates 10 years

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Chalmers Sports and Technology, we invite you to a conference taking place Sep 6-7. With invited speakers from leading sports research groups around the world, the program will cover topics such as: Data driven sports research, Sustainability in Sports, Innovation in Sports and Sports, Technology and Education.


Venue: Chalmers Conference Centre​

Register now!​ Participation is free of charge (including lunch and coffee), but we do require you to register! Registration closes on September 2, but please note that seats are limited.


Alexandar Matic

Moa Johansson​

Martin Fagerström


Safe and Healthy Parasport

Lunds University, Parasport Sweden and Blekinge Technology of Institute have colloberate to build a platform for save and healthy parasport. From January to may has a student team build a prototye how this platform would look like and from there has a regional webcompany WIP continued the work. The platform will be released during autumn 2022.

Student project about business models for physical and mental health together with K3H

From january to may have 5 different student teams from Industrial Engineering at Blekinge institute of Technology, developed business models, based on a new organisation called K3H. K3H workes with promoting physical and mental health in sociaty. Health & Sports Technology Initiative has worked with the students by inspiration and also acted as experts in the panel at the final presentations!

New research by Mikael Mattsson – Head of Health & Sports Technology Initiative

New resaerch with title “Generating Weekly Training Plans in the Style of a Professional Swimming Coach Using Genetic Algorithms and Random Trees”


Optimal training planning is a combination of art and science, a time-consuming task that requires expert knowledge. As such, it is often exclusively available to top tier athletes. Many athletes outside the elite do not have access or cannot afford to hire a professional coach to help them create their training plans. In this study, we investigate if it is possible to use the historical training logs of elite swimmers to construct detailed weekly training plans similar to how a specific professional coach would have planned. We present a software system based on machine learning and genetic algorithms for generation of detailed weekly training plans based on desired volume, intensity, training frequency, and athlete characteristics. The system schedules training sessions from a library extracted from training plans written by a professional swimming coach. Results show that the proposed system is able to generate highly accurate training plans in terms of training load, types of sessions, and structure, compared to the human coach.

to read the full article press here