Month: March 2022

Health & Sports Technology Initiative in European report 2022 by Sportstechx

Health and Sports Technology Initiative one of only two Swedish companies or programs mentioned in any of the categories Investors, Programs, and Initiatives.

Stina Lundgren Högbom, Global relationship Manager of Health & Sports Technology Initiative – citated in the report:

During 2022 my advice would be to stay focused, keep moving
forward and be ready to take that consultant gig, so you will survive
2022 even though you don’t get that funding you thought. I do
hope I am wrong but as it is now 2022 seems to be a year of
uncertainty especially for angels. You want to be ready and stay
ahead as the world around us starts to mature and understand the
power of SportsTech and how knowledge can be used in many
more areas than just sport.

Here you can read more about the report: SportsTechX European Report 2022