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Workshop – Swim-run

As a start to develop the growing sport of Swim-run did our initiative host a workshop with regional clubs, race organizers, and profiles from Blekinge thursday 3th of september.

This workshop is a start to develop the sport Swim-run with technology, both for the competitors and organizers.

We will hold more workshop in Swim-run where we will invite different tech companies. Information of comming workshop will come up here.

Sport Innovation – workshop for sport students

The team for sport innovation workshop
Health&Sport technology Initiative, Speechers and UF Blekinge

Health & Sports Technology Initiative hold a workshop for sports students on thursday 3rd of september together with UF Blekinge.

As inspiration for the workshop we cooperated with Louise, Mathilda and Amanda that works with youth to inspire them in sports innovation.

During the day we got many new ideas and next step to develop our idea to involve youth in the sports innovation is to include other regions in Sweden.

workshop sport innovation

Collaboration with Kreativum Science Center

Collaboration has been made between Kreativum Science Center (Kreativum i Blekinge AB) and the Health & Sports Technology Initiative.

The project Health & Sports Technology Initiative aims to meet societal challenges in health, linked to increasing lifestyle diseases and an aging population. At the same time, it is possible to create conditions for regional innovation and growth in health and sports technology by establishing a sampling form that can be used to integrate and apply knowledge from health sciences, computer sciences and technology sciences.

Kreativum is a science center that stimulates interest in technology, science, mathematics, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet future societal challenges. Kreativum’s mission is to help the region’s skills supply and increase innovation. Kreativum has built networks, an infrastructure with expertise in lifelong learning and how to inspire children, young people and the general public to deeper knowledge in science, technology and mathematics. Kreativum has about 60,000 visitors annually and a very large network in the regional business community.

Press release: Health & Sports Technology Initiative

National leader in health and sports technology – target for new initiative in Blekinge. The region of Blekinge is now investing in becoming a hub for health and sports technology innovation in Sweden – an area with enormous growth potential.

Mikael Mattsson, PhD in physiology and researcher at Stanford, is associated with the initiative. The media is welcome to a press conference where we tell you more about the initiative.

To cope with the major public health challenges such as lifestyle diseases and an aging population, while creating the conditions for regional innovation and growth, a bleak investment in the field of health and sports technology is being made.

The initiative is called the Health and Sports Technology Initiative and aims to harness ideas and develop them, coordinate competence and develop technological innovations that can then be launched in the European or international market.

The initiative is behind several actors in the region and the combination of health and sport is unique in Sweden. It is no coincidence that the investment is taking place in Blekinge – here is BTH’s research and education clinic with a focus on health-technical product development. The initiative also includes Region Blekinge, RF SISU Blekinge, Blekinge Business Incubator, Blue Science Park and Netport Science Park, as well as the international partner Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics.

At the press conference, see time below, among other project leaders Mikael Mattsson, expert on technical innovation, Stina Lundgren Högbom, professor Tobias Larsson, professor Johan Sanmartin Berglund and project coordinator Martin Söderberg.


Day: Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Time: 10am
Location: Sal Monsunen, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona. We meet at the reception in house A.
The press conference can also be followed digitally via:

For more information, contact project coordinator Martin Söderberg 0455-38 50 71,

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