Sports Tech – a Swedish future industry

Nov 12, 2021 News

The entire sports industry is changing, from being a manufacturing industry to also being based on digital tools. A new sector has emerged, “sports tech”, which can be described as the intersection between sports and technology. It is a complex mix of solutions used, for example, to support elite players to perform at the highest level or for attendance management at football training. Does disruptive technology have the potential to revolutionize the entire sports sector?

In a new report “Swedish sports tech – Top three in Europe”, the authors describe the trends in Sports Tech, based on the latest research.

The webinar discusses:

  • How can sports-based entrepreneurship contribute to Swedish growth?
  • What are the success factors behind startup companies in sports tech?
  • What does the investment climate look like for the sports tech sector? What policy measures are needed to strengthen the sector

the webinar is held in Swedish!

The report is written by:

  • Stina Lundgren Högbom, fil. dr at KI, Global Relationship Manager at Health and Sports Technology Initiative, Blekinge
  • C. Mikael Mattsson, med. dr. at KI, digital health expert at RISE, project manager for the Health and Sports Technology Initiative, Blekinge, and founder Svexa
  • Benjamin Penkert, founder of SportsTechX

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