Mjällby AIF joins Sports Innovation Alliance

Jun 4, 2021 News

Mjällby AIF in the Swedihs national league in football has joined the international network of Sports Innovation Alliance.

The network is led by Real Sociedad’s Chief Innovation Officer Juan Iraola and the network today consists of approx. 20 clubs from all over the world but mostly from Europe and South America. Celtic, Wolverhampton, Cagliari, Real Sociedad are some of the clubs that are part of the network. The basic idea with SIA is to together find smart solutions in technology that help the business in 4 different areas, Arena – Market – Business system – Football. By creating a broad international network of contacts to find smart solutions for the different parts of football, SIA wants to drive this development with a focus on football.

Read more about SIA here: https://www.sportinnovationalliance.com

Fredrik Danielsson, club manager in Mjällby AIF:

– We have had a good dialogue with Juan and others active in the network and it feels fantastic fun as the only Swedish club to get the chance to be part of SIA. As they only take in one club from each country, it obviously feels extra fun that Mjällby AIF will be the club that gets the chance and it shows that our brand has also been strengthened on an international level. This will lead to us as a club being able to develop much faster in several areas and thus be able to strengthen our position in Swedish elite football. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Blekinge Institute of Technology and Martin Söderberg for their help in establishing contact.

Health & Sports Technology Initiative are very happy to have established the contact between Mjällby AIF and Sports Innovation Alliance (SIA)